The Red Blaze is a name passed down through a heritage of gargoyle's, giving the user powers and allowing them to be more powerful by touching magical artifacts, this power is used to defeat the king of destruction Breager.

It is unknown if the name Firebrand is also a name passed down since we only know of 2 members of the Red Blaze.

Name Image Games History
TimeCrest.png None The Red Blaze was an ancient hero who defeated Breager, nothing else is known about him. When Firebrand uses the Time Crest, the form he takes is supposedly what the original Red Blaze looked like.
Firebrand Firebrand GQII Transparent.png Gargoyle's Quest II Firebrand was sent out on a journey after King Morock dies, he eventually find out that he is a member of the Red Blaze through Lethe, then going on to defeat Breager.
Firebrand Demons Crest Firebrand.png Gargoyle's Quest

Demon's Crest

Firebrand was awakened when The Black Light came to the Demon Realm, he eventually finds out he is the Red Blaze through Majorita and Rushifell, then going on to defeat Breager and seal him away forever.

He then fought and ended the Crest War in Demon's Crest.

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