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I've waited a lifetime for this moment, Firebrand. You and I were destined to clash. And you, it seems, are destined to die.
~ Phalanx
Is this all the skill you possess? Fight harder and die with honor!
~ Phalanx before the second phase of the boss fight

Phalanx is the final boss of the game Demon's Crest



Level 1

DC BO Phalanx.gif DC BO Phalanx (Flying).gif DC BO Phalanx (Wounded).gif

Level 2

DC BO Phalanx Lv.2 (Attacking).gif DC BO Phalanx Lv.2 (Diving).gif DC BO Phalanx Lv.2 (Last Spell).gif

Ultimate Phalanx

DC BO Ultimate Phalanx.gif