"Isn't Firebrand just a mook, or a mid boss that's surprisingly resilient?"

This article known as Firebrand (Archie Comics) is noncanon and shouldn't be taken into account to the lore of the main series                       

Your quest ends here!
~ Firebrand

Firebrand is a red arremer who appeared in the Worlds Unite comic. He is the loyal servant of Astaroth, who is the king of the Ghoul Realm.


Arthur and Astaroth alongside the latter's right hand Firebrand prepare to duel, only to be interrupted by the opening of a Genesis Portal, with Shadow Hunters Zain and Geemel emerging with the Unity Engine.

Arthur, mistaking them for knights, requests their assistance in stopping Astaroth, only for Zain to blast his armor off. Bunnie Rabbot and Zero then emerge and fight them.

Astaroth then expresses annoyance and confusion at the events, with Bunnie Rabbot explaining that Sigma is about to steal their world's energy via those robots. After the two Mavericks are pulverized, the dark lord proceeds to call a truce to deal with Sigma, and sends Firebrand to ally with Arthur.



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