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Every game [[Firebrand]] has appeared in
Every game [[Firebrand]] has appeared in
== Games ==
[[File:GQ_Box_1.jpeg|link=Gargoyle's Quest|150px]] •
[[File:GQ2_Box.gif|link=Gargoyle's Quest II|110px]] •
[[File:Demonscrest_box.jpg|link=Demon's Crest|200px]]
=== Other Games ===
[[File:Ghostsngoblinsboxart.jpg|link=Ghosts 'n Goblins series|110px]] • [[File:Namco_capcom.jpg|link=Namco × Capcom|110px]] • [[File:UMVC3_Cover.png|link=Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3|125px]] • [[File:Marvelvscapcominfinite_box.png|link=Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite|125px]]

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Every game Firebrand has appeared in

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